the old and the new

already wants to be like his big sister

“getting air” while remaining discreet under his mother’s scarf

dining al fresco

Jude foolin’ around, kissing Tru’s foot,

      and blowing kisses to her adoring fans

a rarity in the house, and now, after reading about them, an item to never be served again: alaskan weathervane scallops

in any case, this recipe is more than fine without them, and a Jude Approved Food

corn and green bean salad with tomatillo dressing (I did not steam the corn but used it raw and added avocado)

this kind of dish (esp dishes with tomatillos) get too slimy when ground/chopped, so Jude does not like them)

farro salad with tomatoes and romano beans

after finely chopping: a Jude Approved Food

“three” bean soup (less one bean: fava)

really good and the parmesan makes it much “creamier” ... if you prefer a clearer broth, then cook without

with added grains, a Jude Approved Food

pasta salad with “lemon cucumber” and chilies

could not find lemon cucumbers, so used these “burpless” ones instead - in any case, it is a delicious “salad”

without the chiles: a Jude Approved Food

I also ended up omitting the cheese: did not think it was necessary

reading The Dog Stars and can’t put it down (LOVE the end of the world stuff - don’t want to live it, but in fiction think it’s great) and also enjoying Tell the Wolves I’m Home

and my new camera is the Sony rx100 ... still getting the hang of it (kids photos taken with my iphone)

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