Missed the last step in a run of three in my mother’s house in Maine and broke some weird bone in my heel...nothing exciting

squash “chips” for Jude... baked in a 300 degree oven until done...a little tough for Jude, but she definitely wanted to eat them!

zucchini goat cheese and black olive fritatta

after picking out the too large chunks of olive: a Jude Approved Food

tofu with peanut ginger sauce

have no use for the Japanese style ginger graters anymore: the microplane works so much better than they do

tomato cucumber soup

a Jude Approved Food (over brown rice)

made in Maine with berries from the garden:

raspberry buttermilk cake

blueberry crumble pie

Alice Waters’ coleslaw


a Jude Approved Food (believe it or not...finely chopped)

French potato and green bean salad

(trying out a new camera, hence the blurry photos)

a Jude Approved Food

cucumber ribbons with herbed pesto and pecorino Toscano -

really tasty (might have been Jude Approved after chopping/pureeing...can’t remember)

spicy crab spaghetti

okay, I have given up crab, but before leaving maine there were a couple of extra containers of the local fresh crab left in the fridge so I made this AMAZING PASTA with whole wheat spaghetti

another Jude Approved Food

chilled zucchini-basil soup

a Jude Approved Food

beet and walnut salad

a Jude Approved Food

cucumber and yogurt salad

pureed and served over mixed grains, a Jude Approved Food

crumble bars (used whole wheat flour as I had no rye flour)

was super rushed so made the first batch with blueberry jam and in disposable tins - a little too sweet

second batch in the springform pans with fresh raspberries macerated for an hour or two with sugar, flour and a squeeze of lemon juice

judging from the bit that stuck to the pan: delicious

risotto minestrone from Urban Italian

made with water, brown risotto rice, and maybe a tablespoon of butter: another highly Jude Approved Food (anything with “sweet peas” so she can point at them and say “sweet pea” over and over is a big hit)

hard to explain, but putting these photos where they “belong” would take way too much time: delicious and Jude Approved.

tofu and broccoli

grrr...can’t remember which recipe I followed, but, essentially, in lightly oiled baking dishes, I placed sliced onion, a few garlic cloves and lots of basil leaves, salt and peppered them, then topped them with halved tomatoes sprinkled with a  tiny bit of olive oil and salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar...put them in an oven heated to about 225 and left them there for around 6 hours...

pureed in food processor and voila! amazingly delicious tomato sauce for winter

a batch made without hot peppers and with super finely chopped veggies (possibly I dumped the whole thing in the mini-chop food processor; I can’t remember): A Jude Approved Food

embarrassing epiphany of the week: for the last 15 years I have been putting moleskin on improperly: actually glueing it to my foot/leg/blister/open wound rather than to the shoe/boot/sock that is causing/aggravating the open wound.  Genius, super genius!

read The Surrendered and really enjoyed it...thought Canada was fine and only truly enjoyed the first few chapters of The Dome

so thrilled they have a new season of Strike Back!!!...think Philip Winchester is THE BOMB

some of you have been asking if I have purchased any cool clothes or shoes...nope, not for me...but for Jude?  You bet!!

shoes and boots from yoox

jacket from Ralph Lauren (size 2/3) (comes without  a logo!!)

The Truman Show

“little angel” and examining a rock from all angles...

“the boot” is ALWAYS in the way!

fun in the squash court

and blowing kisses with tio

glamour girl/nice tush and I am tired/pick me up!


Jude LOVES corn on the cob!

we discovered that other Jude Approved Foods are pickled herring and olives (along with the tofu with soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, various cheeses from Murray’s and whole wheat spaghetti)

was laughing about this with a chef the other day...why?  why one half a tablespoon?  I use my two tablespoon measurer all the time, but 1/2?  this one only gets used when 1/2 tsp is called for (resulting in a few very salty dishes)

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a Jude Approved Food