Martha and Jude after shooting the September cover of Martha Stewart Living

carrots, broccoli and cauliflower from Martha’s garden...

steamed and pureed and about to go in the freezer (trays from Onyx)

had tons of extra scallions (and basil and parsley) about to got to waste in the fridge so made a scallion and herb frittata (got the recipe from Martha Rose Shulman’s Recipes for Health, but you can find a version of it here)... I never use the stove top method after my first attempt and use the oven instead.

lentil soup (to use up the cilantro)

all three Jude Approved (added some frozen whole grain cereal to the lentil soup)

preparing black beans (very “meaty”) for vegetarian beans (coming from someone who has not tasted non vegetarian beans in a long time)

Quinoa, Pea and Black Bean Salad With Cumin Vinaigrette

had some fresh peas from the garden, but ended up eating all of them raw/before they had a chance to end up in the salad...

the Jude approved version: quinoa, beans, peas...with a little of the dressing

even more basil from the garden...made a Mark Bittman version who suggests much less garlic than usual (have always found that there was too much in my batches from the past years) and toasted the pine nuts

ready for the freezer (cheese to be added when serving)

apricot upside-down cake....not apparent in the photos, but the one cooked in the cast iron pan was much nicer than the other

Puréed Zucchini Soup With Curry

delicious and Jude Approved

I loved this cauliflower...couldn’t stop eating it!

Jude Approved...although omitting the ginger would have made it more palatable for her

apricot raspberry pie - delicious with delicious pastry

farmer’s market pappardelle ... Jude Approved (minus the raw tomatoes and snap peas)

Jude looking at the river under the pier and learning about weeds

no, the “pavement” wasn’t hot - Jude is just practicing walking tip toe

headed toward the ipad

wearing her shades


out for cocktails in a dress made by Martha (and Lily!)


read (and couldn’t put down) Paul Theroux’s latest novel The Lower River

am kinda hating (should have known from the cover that I wouldn’t like it) Gone Girl

enjoying The Age of Miracles

Jude is loving these so much that I had to order the ones she did not yet have, as well as the other books in this series


really enjoyed Another Earth (had no expectations at all), the creepy Michael, The Dish and the Spoon, and thought Stake Land and Chronicle were fairly entertaining.


so far love Inside Men


always on the lookout for inoffensive hair clips: love these (colors much better than pictured)

if you want PLAIN diapers with no logos or cartoons: the Honest Company has them

someone emailed me the link to the Sprouted Kitchen website - it is great!!

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