Jude’s footprints on what’s left of the sand (lots of erosion) in east hampton

my newest habit: forgetting to take a photo of the finished product!

delicious and easy cake from Ripe

orecchiette with rapini, calabrian chiles and pecorino...definitely could have been spicier (and I added many more chiles than called for)

ahhh...the last can of tuna (way too endangered to purchase)

a Jude approved food...with or without the tuna

again: no photo of finished soup, but this stuff is GREAT, super easy, and Jude approved

bulgar salad with pomegranate dressing and toasted nuts (probably better suited as a winter dish...and I had no walnuts)

Jude approved

marinated buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad...Jude would definitely have approved had there been any left

penne with pea pesto (I forgot to add the snap peas)...

the photo is terrible, but the pasta was great

a version of the recipe can be found here

Jude approved

rice salad (i realized the pickled peppers (all I had on hand) would have been overpowering, so I used sun dried tomatoes instead)

not great stuff, but Jude approved

stone fruit tea cake made in a tart tin and muffin tins

tried two different oatmeal cookie recipes for a friend’s birthday... one was a mess (not sure if it was me or the recipe) and one quite good

made the batter a few days before and put the scoops in the fridge

no longer use parchment because I think it interferes with the spread of the cookies

the messy and the “good

this was great!  made with salmon from Alaska       

Jude approved and liked saying couscous

mexican rice

(Jude approved)

Jude approved of the salmon, but the sauce and the okra salad was too acidic for her

rice noodles with tofu, scallions, ginger, and bean sprouts...adapted from spicy rice noodles from Donna Hay’s Instant Cook

Jude approved

pureed product went right into the freezer...roasted-tomato sauce

martha kindly delivered a bunch of vegetables (and LOADS of peppers: not my favorite), so I got rid of much of it by making ratatouille from Alice Waters’s Simple Food book...a version of her recipe is available here.

haven’t been feeding enough lentils (/iron) to Jude...so make white lentil stew (using the baby food puree recipe with fruits and vegetables here as a guide).

She approved.

tomato tart: truly deadly..

was going to only show this photo...

but here is the “real” thing: I was impatient and took the tart out of the pan too early and a piece broke off (horrors, I know!!) ... and wow, was it tasty!

my two favorite new kitchen tools: the best peeler I have ever used (used to like the ceramic ones but have broken all of them), the paring knife also by Victorinox, and the Vornado fan: cute, quiet, and great for cooling things down quickly (seems to be “out of stock” everywhere).

somebody’s super bossy!!

first hail stones...

a Jude approved food

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I think Jude approved...can’t remember

of course a Jude approved food (who doesn’t like “pizza” with butter in the crust) ... it definitely could handle a whole wheat crust

funny how crocs are sooooo awful on adults but soooo cute on kids (available on diapers.com)