spiders (and, for those of us who are of that era, tiny sharks) are not yet an issue...

taking the pillsbury dough boy for a walk

           and the dough boy in action in the elevator

Truman on a break from tummy time

radish salad...great stuff!!  I threw in a serrano chile

lasagna from a donna hay magazine...combine ricotta, parmesan, lemon rind, salt, pepper and cooked spinach...combine cherry tomatoes, a touch of brown sugar and hot pepper...lay sheets of lasagna in lightly oiled pan (these lasagna noodles were way too thick) and put layer of cheese mixture on top (I added chopped basil too), then another layer of pasta, then cheese, then pasta, then tomatoes covered by mozzarella...since I am a. an idiot and b. never make lasagna, I had already added the mozzarella to the cheese mixture before reading the recipe carefully and I did not realize it was meant for a topping...so I put goat cheese on top instead...bake at 400 for at least 40 min

don’t know if it was the pasta, martha’s tomatoes, or what, but this was absolutely delicious

avocado and tomatillo salsa...no chips needed, just a spoon

green rice ingredients (basic instructions here...but just wing it)...I add the tiniest bit of oil and then end up essentially drinking the stuff

martha had fresh tomatoes from the greenhouse...made sauce and froze it

threw this salad together with whole grain pasta shells

apricot jam

super easy: first you macerate the fruit by letting it “soak” with all the other ingredients and water

then you bring everything to a boil to loosen the skins

then cook juice to a certain temp and then add skinned fruit...then jar (I forgot I was going to get to this point (!!) but luckily I had saved jars for a friend and had a few containers from Onyx).

fresh apricot cake (just substitute apricots for the apples)...I made a triple recipe and ended up with two large loaves...filled a little too high...

I butter my pans and then dust them with panko bread crumbs

ginger peach muffins...should have sliced the peaches more thinly...they look better in these photos

spicy stir-fried tofu with bok choy...in the future I need to remember to err on the side of undercooking the tofu...I think it gets too tough generally when “fried”

Martha Stewart Living shot the apartment for the September issue...

Jude waking up from her morning nap and checking out what’s going on

after posing, going for a walk with kevin

feeding the crew with:


and quinoa pilaf: both a big hit

some of you have asked how I decide what to make...it depends what is at the farmer’s market and what recipes I have printed out that either use what is in season or that I have wanted to make for a while...

and sometimes I just go by what I have been given from my mother’s garden or, the other week, from the photo shoot which left me with TONS of peaches and apricots

for instance: wanted to make raspberry or strawberry pie...purchased tons of strawberries at the farmer’s market and too many blueberries and raspberries for Jude...rather than chance them going bad, I made mixed berry pie (kinda following this recipe)

salmon (used this recipe but substituted salmon and broiled it rather than pan frying...then froze most of the fish for Jude)

the recipe says to discard the marinade, but I cooked it down and it was amazing

with soba noodles and pickled radish and carrots

this is what happens when you transport too much on slippery plates

answers to some questions:

finally got the soda stream soda maker and after many tries and then, finally, only after watching the video, actually screwing in the bottle before adding the gas (DUH), found I LOVE it

my vacuum cleaner is a miele, but I have nothing to compare it to other than my electrolux from 25 years ago

I use a leica d-lux 4, but am thinking about getting a d-lux 5

the really crappy pics are taken with my iphone and the really great ones are taken by my friend Jayne with her professional whatever...

the olive oil in the green can is corona delle puglie (got it at Eataly)

I shop for groceries CONSTANTLY(with a list) and have learned to hate it :-(

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