red quinoa, cauliflower and fava bean (I used peas) salad

a jude approved food

peach tart

can’t find the recipe online, but here is a version

mushroom salad with edamame (did not have wood ear so used black)

jude approved of the edamame and likes to practice saying“edamame”

had no bread that was suitable for this recipe, so used potatoes: summer greens panzella

too good to eat (went right into the freezer): roast tomato sauce

not a pretty picture (much nicer in “real life”) but very tasty and Jude approved

ugly but SO GOOD:

Bagula (Garlic and Dill Fava Bean Salad)...I pureed it because I overcooked the beans in the pressure cooker

Jude approved

had a ton of radishes...tossed them with avocado, cilantro, lime juice and serrano chiles

mushroom and ginger stir fry: absolutely delicious and jude approved

can’t find the recipe online...ingredients: sliced garlic, red chile (I used serrano) and ginger, mixed mushrooms, chinese cooking wine and oyster sauce

Truman, exhausted after receiving his vaccines

Jude in one of her tomboy outfits

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