summer tabouli salad with farro ... had tons of parsley and didn’t know what to do with it.  Delicious and “Jude approved” (although it was a bit of a new type of chewing experience and the larger pieces of parsley were ejected)

blueberry muffins: the cover of this book is a little scary, but the interior photos look great and there are quite a few recipes I am looking forward to trying

zucchini frittata  (another “Jude approved” food)


summer vegetable cianfotta: yes the addition of at least 2 cups of oil is mildly disturbing, but the result was quite delicious (Jude approved)

spice muffins: these were described as being very “adult”...and you need to like molasses.  Or just omit the topping altogether for a perfectly nice, less “desserty” muffin.

Overfilled as usual...make a huge mess.  The bonus was that anything that falls onto the tray is MINE.

honey lime dressing  on the usual avocado, red onion, tomato, radish and cilantro salad

dried fava bean soup ... shelling those beans was no fun (try to find dried beans without the skins), but the soup is great (Jude approved)

lasanga with steamed spinach and roasted zucchini - great stuff...better than the one last week

the pope’s risotto: always wanted to make this but was always too lazy as it seemed a bit daunting.  The shelling of the beans was a huge pain in the butt, esp since I did not blanch the beans before trying to skin them...the job would have been a lot easier had I done so

really delicious!!  and Jude approved.

Brown Basmati Rice Salad With Roasted Poblanos and Cumin Vinaigrette: stupidly did not search hard enough through the fridge for my basmati rice and used short grain instead...still DELICIOUS.  Best part was the poblano peppers...I skinned about 4 of them and at 3.5 myself.  Also added much less oil than called for in the recipe.

the two screw ups I always make: too much batter in the pan and too much fruit in the here is the lopsided (too much fruit making it “mushy”) small bunt with overhanging edge that make it lose a lot of its crumb topping (the topping being, of course, the best part, and this recipe actually makes enough while with some I find I must double the topping to make a satisfactorily deep layer)

nice craft boxes from “from soul”

Jude’s nanny made this dress for her...I could have sold it right off her back 10x the first time she wore it (so many mommies wanted one!)

these balls from Target are a huge hit!  but they wont fit in the canasta/basket ball hoop no matter how hard Jude tries

multitasking with Truman

really love this pan!

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watched a pretty good horror movie called Absentia. Liked London River, Albert Nobbs, the really small Roadie, and We Need to Talk About Kevin (had read the book, but had forgotten the “surprise”).

Enjoyed I am an Executioner, The Sisters Brothers, thought Lost Memory of Skin was pretty good, and loved the premise of The Leftovers more than the book itself but would recommend it.