in the photo above, Jude is blowing a kiss to my friend Paulo...

Someone emailed asking me to rate the recipes...I really can’t/that’s not my thing.  if it is really bad, I will let you know.  if it was awesome, I will let you know.  if only one person liked it, I will let you know.  otherwise please assume everything is worth eating, in my humble opinion.

I had extra white beans so I made some white bean puree: beans, garlic, salt, olive oil, lemon juice and bean water to get it to the right consistency... (ok: I can’t remember where I got the recipe....)

cucumber and avocado salad: soooo good!

this plastic bag “trick” is a waste of a plastic bag and it ended up with a hole in it anyway...better to just do on the countertop/chopping board I think

fennel and green pea penne disguised in risotto...or penne cooked like risotto: delicious!!

jude loved it too

potato spinach and asparagus frittata with cumin

I added too much spinach (a little watery) and made the whole thing too big, but everyone liked it anyway...not sure how you get away without browning the potatoes...but it made little difference. (oh, and I had no jerusalem artichokes)

amazing: black rice salad...couldn’t find organic grapes (and forgot to put the grapefruit in the ingredients photo...) but the salad was great without

vegetable tajine: found fresh chickpeas, but ended up with so few once they were shelled that I added a can of them as well...I think the tomatoes are unnecessary, as is soaking the raisins, I left out the cinnamon, and the sweet potato should be added later as it fell apart by the end...still: a big hit with everyone including Jude

served it with quinoa

arugula salad: very good (had no more fennel so did without)...

french yogurt cake...did not get to taste, but it disappeared quickly

red kuri squash muffins: really more like cupcakes...very delicate (I had no squash, so used a can of pumpkin that I needed to get rid of before it “went bad.”)

the recipe is a variation of the one found here

avocado lime salad...couldn’t get enough of this!!

banana cake: delicious ,and I really liked this frosting   (left out the sliced bananas as I had no more)