Jude at The Martha Show tv studio

two big tomatoes, one from Martha’s garden and one from the farmer’s market with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper

leek, ricotta and gruyere frittata ... recipe is similar to this one

asparagus, peas and basil...frozen peas but asparagus from martha

tomato risotto...I used a jar of unpeeled cherry tomatoes rather than peel fresh ones and a “browner’ risotto rice

Jude’s portion

making these butter cookies from Nick Malgieri’s Bake...

thinking...wow, these look great!  and they’re so easy to pipe!!

then I look in the oven...luckily only one half of the double recipe had gone in (less the two cups of flour that I forgot to add)

so I scraped off the batter and added more flour and repiped and made another double batch the next day (the recipe is sooo easy...takes about 10 min plus baking time

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all of these recipes rocked!  I particularly loved the pasta (and the carrot and cucumber salad)