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I am including these miserable photos because the result is so good...ignore mine and make your own!!

Make the biscuits extra thick as they are very delicate/hard to cut in half...

I had high hopes for this but it was very disappointing...better to just steam or blanch your broccolini and eat it plain!

really delicious soup...pureed or not

jude loved it too

it was just a bad day for me in the kitchen...hated the dressing in this recipe, so used one from deborah madison instead

delicious (but of course fried bread is always delicious - I did not pay as much attention to that step as the recipe does...just sauteed the croutons in olive oil till they were crispy)

also, nice trick for making onions more palatable: pour boiling water over sliced onions and then dunk them in ice water

I eat no fish (except for anchovies), but Jude gets to...and so once in a while I “cheat” and share her salmon

I cooked this in a pan, but I think it is best broiled in the toaster oven at 400 degrees, @4 min per side.

Truman is doing very well...

as of yesterday Jude is off on her own (with cell phone in hand)!!      

Bodysuit by Milibe (you can also buy some of their stuff at Sweet William)

just threw all of this together with coriander, cumin and powdered mustard vinaigrette