heard a chef talking about how he takes all his vegetable scraps and freezes them for stock...so I have started to do the same thing and then freeze it if I don’t need it right away...came in super handy this week

risotto with parsnips and greens

no matter what the recipe says i always end up having to cover the greens and steam them a bit to get them to cook down within a reasonable amount of time

strozzapreti with roasted tomatoes

potato mashers come in handy for many things

a friend gave me this pasta; a little creepy looking but delicious

and the pasta does not belong in this photo but there it is with the ingredients for crispy cauliflower with capers, raisins, and breadcrumbs

this cannellini and kale soup was AMAZING

since the only tomatoes that are remotely acceptable this time of year are cherry or grape, I looked for a couple of recipes calling for them

linguine with tomatoes and gremolata

stir fried bok choy and mizuna with tofu

I served it on top of organic green tea soba noodles

black bean chili with butternut squash and swiss chard

the best risotto I have ever made/tasted: Kabocha squash risotto with sage and pine nuts

jude loves different textures...bricks, cement, stucco...

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