jicama salad with cilantro and chiles...Jude wanted to like this but just couldn’t (she tried a piece of jicama)

apparently only some people (me!) have the mature palate (sarcasm font) for this pasta with bitter greens and radishes

this fingerling potato salad was much more widely appreciated

pasta with cauliflower: even Jude liked this!!  I did not follow the recipe exactly, adding, as always, more anchovies than called for, only slicing the garlic (almost never mince it anymore except when paired with ginger), and stewing everything at the same time rather than adding ingredients like the anchovies and the chopped tomatoes at the last minute.

my apologies for the really bad photo!!  guess I was too lazy to turn on the lights...

Jude’s portion

this is where the really nice photo of the rolling process of/really cute/perfect stuffed cabbage leaves would have gone had I remembered to take one


I was using long grain brown rice and did not know how long it should cook so I had to destroy one of the rolls to keep checking!

they were great: darker ones are the outer cabbage leaves and the lighter the inner: very lemony...so if you don’t like that cut back on the lemon juice...and I had some leftover tomato “juice” from the cauliflower pasta so I added that too

hearts of palm and avocado salad   (this must have been good cause it vanished!!)


this oat risotto with peas, spring onions and pecorino did not vanish although I don’t know why cause it was AWESOME (had no white wine so used rose champagne and had no pecorino so used parmesan...)

p.s. I often accidentally leave out at least one ingredient from these photos...sorry!

delicious: miso braised butternut squash: I served it over red rice and added tofu

Martha dropped off a huge bag of asparagus from her garden...wild rice and asparagus salad

someone asked and so here is how I organize my recipes: by copying or printing them onto heavy paper and then filing by ingredient...why don’t I use my ipad...I don’t know.  It would certainly save sorting time and paper, but then I wouldn’t get to play “concentration” on such a large scale

baby truman is over 9lbs!

a source for really great peanuts in the shell and amazing toasted hazelnuts

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