quinoa apple banana bread (am constantly trying to find some way to use up the overripe bananas...)

I left out the chocolate, the addition of which to anything besides a cookie I never understand.

having finally purchased a potato masher, I am finding that it is coming in quite handy.

avocado goat cheese salad with lime dressing (I haven’t been able to locate any avocado oil so used olive...and added cilantro and serrano chiles)

it’s not as good as the salad with pumpkin and avocado but really good nonetheless.

fyi: almost all of the things I make (soups, stews etc get ground up just enough for jude to eat and so far she has loved everything including the carrot/lentil soup from the last entry...the only dish in question is the black bean and squash chili...I will see tomorrow if she really hates it or has just been full when it was offered to her.)

best diaper rash/scratch treatment: healing cream

I purchased Sferra sheets for my bed and their St. Moritz blankets are amazingly soft (until the first washing anyway) and the colors are beautiful.

I don’t know why everyone hated The Ides of March so much...except for the lighting accentuating every pore in everyone’s face, I really enjoyed it...

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