“summer greens panzanella”

don’t know how to say just how good I thought this was

“heirloom tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette” (or as someone said: million dollar vinaigrette cause it was so good)

apple studded brown butter streusel coffee cake

I thought that, as always, the more crumb topping the better, but in this case I was mistaken (a double batch of the streusel was just too greasy/buttery...not that that stopped anyone...)

broccoli, avocado, and pistachios with [olive] oil

it was good, but who has pistachio oil on hand?

autumn “coleslaw” with dates, apples, and pecans

this recipe was requested multiple times by those who tried it

millet, corn, and red pepper pilaf

I overcooked the “millet” (I could not get any in time and used amaranth), but it was delicious, if a bit glutinous..

bulgur with swiss chard and toasted hazelnuts

I was the only person who really liked this...


A Jude Approved Food

romano beans sauteed with oregano

I ate at least half myself...

tomatoes stuffed with herbed grains

not pretty...good right after it’s made...NOT a good leftover (the filling is, just not the tomato) and NOT A Jude Approved Food

banana muffins (I added blueberries) and had no sour cream so used mascarpone which leaves you with muffins that are a little dense, but still delicious

potato-broccoli puree - so effing delicious!!!!  I ate a huge bowl for dinner before pureeing for Jude and Tru

A Jude Approved Food

beet and sweet potato puree

A Jude Approved Food (and Truman too)

chickpea, radicchio, and sardine salad

this salad is GREAT...even just the radicchio and home cooked chickpeas* (I am now using this pressure cooker and loving it even more than the electric one...) with lemon juice was delicious and the chickpeas are a great snack/

A Jude Approved Food

*am trying not to use anything canned (bpa sucks) that is lined with plastic...fyi some places like Whole Foods are now selling things like chickpeas in cartons instead, which is great (I think...)

roasted red pepper sauce from Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

absolutely A Jude Approved Food...she loves spearing the pasta with the tines of her fork

tomato and onion frittata

A Jude Approved Food

Wild Rice and Arborio Risotto With Corn and Red Pepper

great stuff + A Jude Approved Food

devil’s food cake with hazelnut crunch

wasn’t as great as I was hoping, although the cake was easy and delicious and the icing is pretty great...I just did not think the rice part was particularly tasty (and I LOVE hazelnuts) and not particularly crunchy...

lentil salad - had two types of lentils so cooked both (and managed not to overcook them!)

mixed with yogurt, A Jude Approved Food

quinoa and fresh corn with scallions

A Jude Approved Food  (I threw in some avocado)

spinach, leek and courgette frittata

as always, I followed the bake in the oven method from Martha Rose Shulman

and, of course, A Jude Approved Food

pasta with radicchio, white beans, and rosemary

wow...ate it for two nights in a row...was not bitter at all (not sure if that was the recipe or the farmer’s market radicchio...)

A Jude Approved Food

leek, courgette and butter bean soup


heavy sigh...forgot to take a photo of the final product...but it looks just like every other pureed soup

A Jude Approved Food

I did not have any, but it vanished quickly...

Please, if you decide to eat chicken, try to support someone like Frank Reese (for Thanksgiving too!)

(A Jude Approved Food)

virtually EVERY time!!!! (luckily I like the taste of burnt pignolis)

just got the urge/actually examined the exhaust fan cover-thingies...luckily I almost never cook meat cause that stuff is STUCK on there....I would share my method and beautifully shiny result, but they don’t really look that great...much cleaner, but not  great

one of those jobs you desperately want to give up on halfway through....

Jude and Tru at Martha’s farm...Jude examining rocks, as usual...or she was “busy”...I can’t remember

a typical Saturday morning...you can’t see Truman because he is in the snuggie thing

the dilemma: how to steer/turn....

(I’m not going to tell you what I had to go through to get those elmo crocs...and two sizes too big to boot!)

and eventually/

the next morning: success!                       

squash soup (sorry I have no links to the recipes from this book, but obviously I like it and think it is worth buying...) with sweet and sour zucchini: both Jude Approved Foods

a food approved by BOTH Jude and Tru (after pureeing, obviously)...and everyone else loved it too!

wrestling with the trike

hanging out on the potty with Elmo and Mom...we’ve abandoned this plan until 21 months!

new boots!!  (no, not ugly uggs!)

really nice, inexpensive sneakers

I am sure he is already plotting his revenge...

very “light”, crunchy cookies (luckily one broke!!  ooops!/guess I’ll have to eat it!)...be sure to cook them through thoroughly and wait a few minutes before trying to remove them from the pan

polenta with borlotti beans and rocket

after picking out most of the arugula, A Jude Approved Food

a jury rigged ice bath to hasten the process

I am now posting smaller photos of the uglier dishes/ my screw-ups...

A Jude Approved Food

A Jude Approved Food

listened to Skios (funny, but in the end somehow seemed unoriginal), the Lighthouse (hated the hero, if I remember correctly and thought it a bit dry (and I LIKE dry)), the Last Man in Tower (liked that a lot), This is Where I Leave You (thought it was hysterical, Tell the Wolves I’m Home (eh...), and Gold (not so much...).  I still have not finished Wolf Hall (although I love it) and have downloaded Bring Up the Bodies.

Am actually READING (one or two pages a night before I pass out) This Bright River ... really liked it till 2/3 of the way through - then not so much (have a few more pages to go)

Have seen almost no movies since I am still slightly crippled and have not been on the treadmill for months, but watched and was disturbed by Bullhead.

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                 little Tru enjoying the view